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When we've started our business in 2015, I was sure, that business will rise quickly. Internet was full of successful entrepreneur stories made without any effort. I felt myself pretty lucky and talented, so been sure that will get on same level pretty fast. I planned to get my first million dollars before 26, become producer in Hollywood before 30 and basically achieve any life goals before my 30's.⠀Oh god, how naïve I've been 😅⠀Building of business wasn't easy at all. And more important, it wasn't fast. Month passed, then passed years, yet I didn't got my easy earned million dollars, didn't moved to United States, didn't managed billionaire company. Believe me, I've tried my best. I worked as crazy. And didn't enjoy my life at all. I've been struggling that my results are not good enough. This feeling was with me all the time. At gym, at work, at business events, at cosplay conventions...⠀I'm trying my best, but still can't achieve any goals. Am I THAT bad? Am I THAT useless?⠀And only few years ago I started to get, how things work in real world. How real people look like. Yes, I am regular person. Yes, there are more talented persons. But this doesn't make me bad at all. Life is about getting to some goal. But it's not about endless running and self hate due to personal regularity.⠀We were learnt to live with heightened self-esteem. We were learned to see ourselves as unknown geniuses, who are able to achieve any goal. And acceptation of personal regularity is the worst thing for nowadays person, who been watching endless movies about chosen characters and not-like-others princesses. But it's good to be regular. It's good to have space for growth, that you can enjoy.⠀I stopped my endless marathon. I have my own goals and still believe, that will become millionaire with cosplay related company. Yet I feel good with having small business, with my slow organic growth, with my regular job and small steps, that our company does every day. I love to achieve my goals. But I also enjoy my life day after day. And that's one of the most important lessons that I learnt in my twenties.

Lada Lyumos

Косплей модель и дизайнер Lada Lyumos из Москвы. Имееет страницы В Инстаграме, Твиттер, Фэйсбуке, Патреоне и на Ютубе.

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What's waiting for you this month at my P🅰️tre🅾️n:⭕ early access to exclusive photos and videos + December rewards⭕ Ally from "Sunstone" as a main reward⭕ X-mas Quiet as Bonus set⭕ Exclusive "2B in latex" set⭕ and EXTRA "Kinky Roxy" set with shibari for all patrons!+selfie pack, Backstage photos, Future cosplay plans+ Video bonus+ PDF exclusive card with NSFW picand physical rewardsJust choose your lovely tier and subscribeLink in bio 😉 XOXOXOMd: @ladalyumos Ph: @dzetarionSuit: @ladalyumos#cosplay #quiet #quietcosplay #mgs #metalgearsolid #metalgearsolidv #metalgearsolidcosplay #playstation #games #videogames #sniper #ps4 #hideokojima #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram


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See you in Night-City just in a couple hours! 🔥There is almost no time left before the release of the long-awaited action-RPG Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt RED, so why not remember one of my favorite photosets... and show you a new shots from that!So, my friends, are you excited? Are you going to play it at the launch or postpone it to better times? Have you already decided who you will play for? I'd like to read what you think about the game (and my cosplay, of course ;)) before its launch!Fd: VI Cyberpunk 2077 Md: MePh: @haji_steppe--------До встречи в Найт-Сити отсалось всего несколько часов! 🔥 До релиза долгожданной экшн-RPG Cyberpunk 2077 от CD Projekt RED осталось совсем немного времени, так почему бы не вспомнить один из моих любимых фотосетов... и не дополнить его свежими кадрами! Ну что, друзья, наконец-то дождались? Будете играть в новинку на запуске или отложите до лучших времен? Уже решили, за кого будете играть? Буду рада почитать ваши мнения об игре (и моем косплее, разумеется ;)) до ее запуска!


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✨JINKIES✨(I'm sorry for having brows 😅) Which cartoon character should I try next? Maybe Daphne? 💜 Or one more Disney girl? 💛 Write in comments⬇️ In December I plan to make one cosplay of CARTOON character and another of GAME character, the second will be the remake of my FIRST EVER COSTUME 😜 Yes, I got that particular inspiration for that ❤️#sidebyside #velmacosplay #velmadinkley #velma #scoobydoo #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplaytransformation #косплей #geek #geekgirl #scoobydoocosplay #скубиду #cosplayer #cosplayphoto #cosplaylife #cartooncharacter

Зои Вольф (zoevolf)

Косплей модель Зои Вольф. Имеет аккаунты в Инстаграме, Твиттере и на Твиче. Стримингом при этом, судя по статистике, не занимается.

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"The machines don't have feelings. You said it yourself."📷 Photo by @keydou_photo🗡️Sword and support by @adelhaid_cosplay 2B comes as an exclusive project for Boudoir Bunny this month. Link in bio! #nierautomata #nierautomata2b #2bcosplay #SquareEnix #nierautomatacosplay #cosplay #gamecosplay #videogamecosplay #cosplayersofig #cosplaygirl #geekgirl #cosplaylife #cosplayofinstagram

Danielle DeNicola

Даниэль ДеНикола (@danielledenicola) - косплей модель из Орландо, штат Флорида.

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Wake the fck up, samurai. We have a city to burn 🔥 it's cyberpunk day, so enjoy my cheesy glitch effect in celebration lmfao

Irina Meier

Косплей-модель из Москвы Ирина Мейер (Пирожникова). В свои 23 года девушка имеет более 850 тысяч подписчиков

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WHAT MAKES AN E-PERSON INTERESTING IN 2020? 🌟I read somewhere that a modern person consumes more information during one single day than a person who lived 200 years ago during a year or even a lifetime. In this whole hurricane of news, we all have preferences of what we do consume. I personally don't follow many bloggers and prefer scientific or gaming content. I also like visual content, so I follow a lot of concept artists and photographers (especially if they portray beautiful females... YEAH, can't do anything about it. I like beautiful curves captured in an artistic way no less than you guys! 🙃)So what makes a blogger interesting for you? Text, stories, general attitude, informative posts, appearance? What makes you "fall in love" with a blogger and what is a complete "turn off"?About me: My biggest turn off are "Look at my pile of cash, new diamond Rolex and branded GUCCI flip flops (or whatever it is) type of bloggers. I also don't like alternative and conspiracy theories 🤣🙈#MarketingResearcherInBraP.S. A great documentary movie to watch : The Social Dilemma 👍🏻

Саша Холланд

Косплей модель из Москвы Саша Холланд (Shirogane-sama). Девушке 23 года, и у нее более 500 тысяч подписчиков.

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This year December is the month of my favourite shooting 😂 Cause we just added this one Prestige Ahri photoset to my Gumroad page: https://gumroad.com/shiroganesama (the link in Highlights ✨) So in December u have the opportunity to buy it and get all those pics immediately 😉💫 Have a great day day, cuties 💘 Что ж, этот Декабрь - прямо-таки месяц моих любимых фотосов. Вот добавили Престиж КДА Ари на Gumroad (ссылка в Актуальных), чтобы у вас была возможность купить его в Декабре :3 В чём преимущество Гамрод в этом плане? Фото вы получаете сразу же после покупки. Награды на Патреоне обычно необходимо ждать до конца месяца :3 Не гуд дэй конечно но гуд найт всем в этом чатике 😉Wig and fur ears by @holish_cosplay ✨ Costume by @capt_kyano 💕 Ph: @ovsyan.ph and @jkyle_ph 💛 #ahri #prestigeahri #kdaahri #kdaahricosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #kda #ahricosplay #leagueoflegends #leagueoflegendscosplay #riotgames


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Pre-order【2020 Ely Collection】has already been sent to your email, don't forget to check it!✔️東京這邊真的冷了,真的跟秋天掰掰啦~!不知道今年有沒有機會遇到下雪吶~❄️預購【2020 Ely收藏組】的電子檔已經寄出,有E子額外贈送的圖組還有從原本250張變成超過350張的張數喔喔!✨記得去Email收下E子的心意~!💕———————————-✦Ely Website https://www.eeelyeee.com#elycosplay #elycalendar #photobook #blessed #写真集 #cosplay #calendar #elycollection #preorder

Энж Стрельникова (roga_na_noge)

Косплей модель и крафтер из Санкт-Петербурга Энж Стрельникова aka Angie Arrow aka roga_na_noge

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So wow, so hype today:DWhat do u think about Cyberpunk 2077, already download it?😎I’m waiting for new patch and gogogo, we need a city to BURN🔥 #moxes#cyberpunk2077#cyberpunk2077cosplay#cyberpunkcosplay#nikeacronym#cosplay#futureisnow#cyberpunk2077cosplay @cyberpunkgame @cdpred

Kalinka Fox

Косплей модель Kalinka Fox (Кристина Финк) родилась 19 января 1990 в Питере (а может и во Владивостоке). Девушке 30 лет и у нее более 200 тысяч подписчиков.

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I'm gonna miss those memes about #cyberpunk2077 being delayed 🕯️Suggest me your favourite character for Cyberpunk adaptation🔥This #CyberpunkCiri set is still available on my OnlyF page 💜 link in bio#cyberpunk2077cosplay #Cyberpunkcosplay #ciricosplay #witchercosplay #cosplay #cyberpunkmemes


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Косплей модель из Санкт-Петербурга Анастасия Введенская (vvedenskaya_a).

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Cyberpunk 2077 is here! 💜I want to wish you a great game!cosplay: @vvedenskaya_aphoto: @nikolay_photomua: @alicenevermindSupport my work on Patreon: patreon.com/vvedenskaya_a ⭐️-My live account 👉🏻 @vvedenskaya_a_live-#vvedenskaya_a #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayer #fitness #cdpred #cdprojektred #cyberpunk #cyberpunk2077 #cybergirl #poledance #косплей #косплеер #фитнес #киберпанк #киберпанк2077

Жанна Рудакова (jannetincosplay)

Косплей модель и крафтер из Москвы Жанна Рудакова (jannetincosplay).

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So, do I have to play Cyberpunk? What was your first impression?;) Tell me all!☝🏼#cyberpunk2077 #A2 #cyberpunkcosplay


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Are you ready for Christmas?😉 just joining, I know that most of you ready for Cyberpunk 2077😂 but I wanna share with others my Christmas mood🎄Christmas/New Year my favorite holiday, I really love the mood of lights, snow and magic vibes of this day🎁✨ so hope you enjoy with my cosplay of Christmas Rem 💙.А вы уже готовы к Новому Году?😉 шучу, конечно же большинство из вас готовы к Киберпанку 2077😂 но с оставшимися я бы хотела поделится с новогодним настроением🎄 обожаю Новый год и все что с ним связано - эти новогодние огоньки, снежок и магией этого прекрасного праздника🎁✨ надеюсь мой косплей новогодней Рем придаст вам больше настроения приближающегося нового года💙.#rem #remcosplay #rezero #rezerocosplay #rezerorem #remrezero

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