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𝓡𝓮𝓭🔴🔴📷: @dzzdm👘: @kimono_luna #elycosplay #dailyely #elydaily #blessed #travel #kimono #retrostyle #retro


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My biggest fails of 2020⠀I know how irritating it is to read about endless successes at the end of the year. Yes, it's good to finalize your work in some periods (and New Year is a great period), but people speak usually only about good things. So let me split this tension and tell you a bit about my biggest failures!⠀I don't put any rating here, so you can decide on your own, which failure is the best!⠀▶️ When 2020 started, I promised myself that I gonna reach 200 000 followers within this year. I met 100 000 in January. Now it's December... And I have 102 000 followers. You know this feeling, right? 🤡▶️ I opened a store on Shopify and planned to sell there prints and HD sets. Now it even doesn't cover monthly payments for store running. In these moments I ask myself about my own business skills, cause you know... 😂▶️ This year I also made a few sets for Patreon, as I needed money for upcoming projects. I spent more than I gained. This happened 3 times. Very successful entrepreneur!▶️ As I wanted to start print sale, I put some prints for pre orders in my store, being sure that the best prints will get many sales, so I'll know which I will need to print in stock. And all my sales were for different prints. I've been struggling with printing all of those. Hope in 2021 print practice will become more successful (and less stressful).▶️While all other creators were separating their model and personal pages, I decided to be the cleverest one and tried to mix this page as personal blog and Patreon promotion. Guess who got failed here? Every successful model post brings me unfollows, as well as any personal post. Why? Cause followers see this in their feed and think like "Whaaaat? That's not a thing that I'd supposed to follow". So starting from 2021 I'll put every sensual content on additional page and will leave this place as my personal blog. There are creators who can combine both, but I'm not one of them 🤧⠀Feeling better now? Now let me know your favorite fail in comment section! And let me know what do you think about costest of Uraraka too!


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I think it’s the perfect time to summarize this year and show you the most popular posts from my account in 2020⭐️ Top 5 characters and posts which you liked!🌸Mikasa (AOT), Azula and Suki (ATLA), Elizabeth (7deadly sins), Mai (Bunny girl senpai)☃️.Думаю это лучшее время, чтобы подвести итоги этого года⭐️ представляю вашему вниманию топ 5 самых популярных постов и персонажей которые вам понравились в этом году☃️

Irina Meier

Косплей-модель из Москвы Ирина Мейер (Пирожникова). В свои 23 года девушка имеет более 850 тысяч подписчиков

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I'M NOT A COSPLAYER ANYMORE? Or my favorite photos of 2020 📸❤️🤣Oh my, it's very funny to see that this year passed almost without cosplays, because in 2019 I had so many epic plans, but at the end I made only Japanese Ciri, Aela the Huntress and Jessie from Pokémon, which you will actually see in 2021 😂But you know what? No regrets at all. After so many years of doing cosplay I have to say that... I'm tired?Yeah, I think I just arrived to this place in life where I don't want to be a cosplay machine which creates tens of cosplays per year😂 I just want to enjoy every second I'm working on something and not to rush! Even if it means that I will create only 3 or 4 costumes per year hehe Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for your amazing support and kind words! Thanks for being interested and involved! It's the best gift for a creator ❤️🙏🏻Let me show you my favorite photos of 2020. Which ones you like the most? 😉#cosplay #redhead #2020

Alyson Tabbitha

Косплей модель Alyson Tabbitha родом из Флориды, США. У девушки более 1 миллиона подписчиков

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🖤 Sally from the #NightmareBeforeChristmas 🖤💀🎄****** Test. I know its not "before" Christmas anymore 🤭 but I wanted to break up all the Wonder Woman post, and whip out some face paint! 🎨🖌 huge Tim Burton movie fan, so this was lots of fun!Facepaint from @************ I styled a bunch of new wigs this past week so expect lots of new ****** looks coming up!#sallycosplay #timburtoncosplay

Danielle DeNicola

Даниэль ДеНикола (@danielledenicola) - косплей модель из Орландо, штат Флорида.

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🔴 LIVEI heard there was a dinner party... And something about a murder??? Well, it definitely wasn't me 🔎🧐Cosplaying w ❤@becofhearts💜@helloiamkate🤍@emmajupitercosplay💚@witchy.brew💛@hendoartTwitch.tv/danielledenicola

Meowri Jenna Lynn

Meowri Jenna Lynn - американская косплей-модель из штата Вирджиния. Дата рождения: 22 июля 1992 года. У девушки более 1.5 миллиона подписчиков

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I like girls who look mean


Косплей модель и стримерша Hendo Art родом из Лос Анжелеса, США. У девушки более 400 тысяч подписчиков

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The Potion of Flying is my last one in this series! 🕊 I had so much fun doing them all, and tbh the monthly D&D potions have been one of the main things helping me feel like reality is moving forward and I have some kind of routine lol hoping to do another series next year, maybe zodiacs?? 🤔 (Spicy ver on @lewdoart)

Stella Chuu

Косплей модель и стримерша из Калифорнии Стелла Чу. У девушки более 400 тысяч подписчиков

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Cheers 🥂 Are you liking all of your gifts this year? 🎁✨#reddress #silverhair #cheers

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