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Описание: From Console to PC. I've always been a grinder as video games are my passion. I am very competitive by nature and am always trying to improve. Come hang out and talk to me in chat. Always glad to have good conversations with my followers and hopefully you can catch some crazy moments live on stream.

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Последний стрим: 13 часов назад [15 мая 2021 08:05] ((3,094 Wins) Sub Weekend & Saturday Warzone Vibes. !Subgames l !YT l !AdvancedGG l !Evolve)

Последняя игра: Call of Duty: Warzone

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1 132
13 часов назад
(3,094 Wins) Sub Weekend & Saturday Warzone Vibes. !Subgames l !YT l !AdvancedGG l !Evolve
2 624
1 день назад
(3,075 Wins) Gaming w Iron, Jukeyz & Booya. Let's Geet it l !YT l !AdvancedGG l !Evolve
3 дня назад
(3,065 Wins) Trios w Iron & Reidboyy. New YT Is Out! l !YT l !AdvancedGG l !Evolve
1 061
4 дня назад
(3,054 Wins) Challenge Board Stream w Wagnificent! !CB !Metaview l !AdvancedGG l !Evolve
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1 месяц назад
When Iron says Full Send, You Full Send
Создал: ShadedStep KovaaK 2.0