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Описание: Aikoes is a 13 year old Fortnite player/streamer/youtuber. This account is managed by Aikoes' guardians. Streams are supervised, uploads and videos are created by the management team and Aikoe's guardians. (To contact management, message on Twitter or Instagram) P.s. Livestreams are unlisted once they end so they don't appear on the channel but Aikoes streams at least 3 times per week (over 700k views accumulated already).

Страна: Канада

Зарегистрировался: 1 год назад (11 августа 2019 00:18)

Последний стрим: 2 дня назад [28 июля 2021 18:35] (💥Fortnite LIVE ARENA & NEW UPDATE LIVE!!!🔴 200k Arena Point GRIND!🔴| Family Friendly (Season 7))

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