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Описание: Welcome to Double H! A place where quality content is put out about the NBA and NBA2k. I'm a grinder that will never stop once I set my goals. It costs $0.00 to subscribe and support me and my passion. I have big plans with this channel and I am active everyday on this channel. I don't just upload, but I also stream on this channel too. I'm also a member of Dedicated Forever, a group of YouTubers that also make great content! Make sure to support the channel and turn on post notifications and subscribe if you are new! I'm a NBA fan with a dream, there's nothing more to it. I STREAM EVERY DAY ON HERE I UPLOAD VERY OFTEN ON HERE SO EVERYDAY IM DOING SOMETHING ON THE CHANNEL! Subscribe and Turn ON Post Notifications! All Social Medias are linked below!

Страна: США

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Последний стрим: 3 дня назад [27 июля 2021 03:37] (🚨LEGEND 3PT PLAYMAKER STREAKING ON 1V1 COURT - BEST BUILD + BEST JUMPSHOT ON NBA2K21 CURRENT GEN!)

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