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Описание: ★ Join the Empire, Game On, Level Up, Stay Elite! ★ Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Shawn Osuch or better known as "EliteShot" is a die-hard FPS gamer that focuses on improving your gameplay through tips, tricks and entertainment. With over 1,000,000+ Subscribers / 205,000,000+ views, he grew his gaming audience primarily through Call of Duty in a strategically informative way. From his enthusiastic, yet down-to-earth personality and energetic attitude towards life, he'll find a way to bring a smile to your face and view the world differently. As always, please, sit back, relax and enjoy the gameplay! 😎 Stay connected with me on social media and ask whatever questions you want! I'm always reading and doing my best to respond when I can. Have fun, stay elite!

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