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We make gaming Fun(haus). Welcome to the "Mystery Science Theater of video games," a group of buds who bring you laugh-until-you-cry gaming commentary, mixed with some distastefully bad Star Wars impressions. Funhaus is known for its recurring series including Demo Wheel, Dream Jobs, Star Boys, Idiot Detective, Abandonware, Ryan's Bargain Bin, Board As Hell, Marvel Mondays, Action Packed & Jacked, WWE, PlayStation Garbage, and more. Perhaps you've come across some of our more meme-able moments on social media: Minch, the Book of Ryan, Charlotte's spills, James' muscles, Patrick's Bayou Yoda, The Brick, the guy who broke his phone opening it with a beer bottle, Voice-controlled Jeopardy, or Dick in a Blender. However you found us, we're happy you're here! New videos post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We stream every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube, from 1-5pm PT / 4-8pm ET. To support us directly, become a Funhaus+ / FIRST member over at

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