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Hey ! WELCOME! I am Shahnawaz Shahbaz, gaming alias “ GYROGOD ” I am a professional esports athlete for THE WORLD OF BATTLE. 🇮🇳 I was brought up in Araria, BH and put up in New Delhi. I am the only 7 Finger Claw BGMI athlete on Planet Earth, played more than 3 Tier A majors and 20+ Tier B along with LANs of BGMI (PUBGM earlier) and huge number of unofficial and official events since 2019 along with minor Valorant Tournaments. In my journey I have represented Hydra Clan, GodLike Esports, TeamXSpark, , Marcos Gaming ... I started streaming and uploading here since Aug 2019 On this channel you’ll catch me streaming BGMI and other games, I’ll keep on adding variations to my content making sure of keeping you all entertained! If you like the content I upload don’t forget to subscribe to this channel ! LETS TAKE THIS TO 200,000 Milestone ! Business mail -

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