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Описание: Im a mobile player, I've been playing Mobile games for 10 years.(not kidding) I started on an iPod Touch playing Modern Combat Sandstorm. Heres the link to it! https://g.co/kgs/vNqgoi I got really into mobile games and started playing it on my free time. I learned how to improve my skills on first person shooter games and taken my skills to another level. My goals were to become the best player in any mobile games I played. In many games I have reached that success. Brother In Arm: https://g.co/kgs/ZdRa6S I created a team called Blue. (seriously what was i thinking lol) We reached top of the leader board in 1st place with over 1 million kills in multiplayer. The game servers was shut down. So I moved to Modern Combat 2 Modern Combat 2: https://g.co/kgs/9VVoCg I Created a new team called SxC. We were dominating the pro scene. With clan battle records of over 200+ wins! Theres more to the story of how I started! Youtube Description doesn't allow more words to be added. Thank you!

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