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Welcome to Krypton Gaming India Krypton Gaming India, popularly known as KGI, is an eSports community where we stream games on YouTube. We (KGI) have been hosting the CODM BR Tournaments for longest time globally. We organize weekly Battle Royale tournaments for all our members as well as members from other communities and clans. Winners also get a chance to win various prizes. DRIM About me - Hello there! I am really glad you made it here! This is Azam Khan, 27, from Pune, Maharashtra, India Well about me I’m that guy that loves gaming and also that friend that once you get to know me it will be like you knew me forever! My motive is a build a healthy non-toxic community of non-salty humans who love gaming or love to watch gaming or just want to drop by for a chat! So let’s do our part in making this happen and you can do your part by inviting more people and sharing the stream so others can join the KGI Community!

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