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Описание: Just a standard person who's average at gaming letting you enjoy my content, Aston villa fan through and through, I love to rage and laughter's as we continue getting better on my main game Fifa & COD with lots of other games on the side, thank you for tuning and watching my videos 30K+ Subs - Amazing support thank you guys never thought I'd get this far at all and it keeps growing Target - 30k Subs By End Of 2020 - Achieved 1st Major Goal - 42.5K Subs (Aston Villa's Ground Capacity) 2nd Major Goal - 100K Subs (YouTube's Button Trophy) Business Email - Gazzaman01@hotmail.com Epic Creator Code - kingflipper

Страна: Великобритания

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Последний стрим: 3 месяца назад [08 апреля 2021 07:31] (FUT Champs Rewards Live - How Many Lingardinhos Will We See?? - Fifa 21)

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