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Описание: In this channel I’m hosting Free GTA 5 Money Drop Lobby For PS4 And XBOX One and PC In fact, I'm going to invite whoever likes the stream and subscribes to my channel With that, follow the steps below to be invited: How to join my FREE LOBBY: To join the lobby you need to earn 150 points, every 5 minutes you watch this GTA 5 Money Drop Lobby stream you will earn 20 POINTS Here is also more ways to get points: 1) Subscribe to my channel (40 Points) 2) Like my stream (40 Points) 3) Everytime you type your nickname to the chat (3 points) Also please be patient and the money lobby has a maximum of 16 players, I'll be dropping money in GTA 5 Online for 10 minutes for every 16 people and you will need to leave after 10 minutes and give space for others #gta5moneydrop #gta5online #gta5money #gta5moneylobby

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