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Описание: Greetings Maplers, my name is Steve and welcome to my MapleStory channel! Subscribe for awesomeness! 스티브는 중국어, 영어, 광동어 및 말레이어를 구사합니다. Steve knows Chinese, English, Cantonese & Malay. 史蒂夫會說中文,英文,廣東話和馬來語。 Little background check — I played MapleStory since 2005 and first started off my adventurer in MSEA and later on in 2010 I went over to GMS and later on in 2011 I started playing KMS and I've decided to start making YouTube videos. I'm covering the latest content that is available in MapleStory and to do so, I test out the latest content available in KMST (Tespia - Test Server) and keep you guys up-to-date with my videos! Currently I'm playing a Lv25x Zero. Also do check out my website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter! If you have any questions, feel free to ping me a message on Discord, Facebook or Twitter :) Subscribe for more awesomeness!

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