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Турнир 2018 Overwatch World Cup (OW WC) / Overwatch

Общий приз

$ 128 000

2018 Overwatch World Cup


Дата проведения

17.08.2018 - 04.11.2018


02.11.2018 - 04.11.2018



Обзщий приз

$ 128 000

1 место

$ 16 000

South Korea

2 место

$ 16 000


3 место

$ 16 000

United Kingdom
Текущих матчей нет 😔

О турнире 2018 Overwatch World Cup (OW WC)

The most prestigious trophy in Overwatch is up for grabs again, after
South Korea (of course!) took home the first World Cup at last year’s
BlizzCon. Like last year, the main event will be preceded by a number of
regional playoffs, this time taking place in Shanghai, Sydney,
Katowice, and Burbank. Two teams from each qualifier will go on to the
main event at BlizzCon in November, to fight for the glory and the title
of Overwatch World Champions. In addition, each player participating in
the tournament will receive $1,500 as payment, with an additional
$1,500 for those who qualify for the playoff

The average skill rating (SR) of each country’s top 150 players is tracked throughout April 2018.

The top 20 countries at the end of this period will be invited to compete in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

Alongside the 4 Host Countries: France, South Korea, Thailand and the United States.


Group Stage: Round Robin
 All matches are 4 Game Sets.
Teams with a favourable score based on their won and lost maps, finish first in their Group.
If two teams win the same number of maps, it will be broken by head-to-head results and Tiebreakers are played if necessary.
Tiebreakers will be played after all matches in the Group Stage are completed.
Top 2 teams of each group advance to Playoffs.

Playoffs: Single Elimination, all matches are best-of-five  
Two Winners advance to Main Event at BlizzCon.

Прогнозы на 2018 Overwatch World Cup (OW WC)

Прогнозов пока нет... 😔