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Турнир 2019 Brazilian Challenger Circuit Winter (BRCC) / LoL

Общий приз

$ 10 640

2019 Brazilian Challenger Circuit Winter


Дата проведения

10.06.2019 - 17.08.2019


12.08.2019 - 17.08.2019


Sao Paoulo

Обзщий приз

$ 10 640

1 место

$ 3 190

ProGaming e-Sports

2 место

$ 2 400

Vivo Keyd

3 место

$ 1 730

RED Canids

О турнире 2019 Brazilian Challenger Circuit Winter (BRCC)

The Brazilian Challenger Circuit, or Circuito Desafiante, is the second league of Brazil and organized by Riot and Promo Arena. The league allows lower level teams to compete for a coveted spot in the next split of the CBLOL. After a five-week Round Robin, the top 4 teams (out of 6) qualify for a playoff run, in which the winner will be determined.

Group Stage

— Teams will play in one round-robin group.

— The top four teams advance to the playoffs.

— Each match is a best-of-two where a win is worth three points, a draw is worth one and a loss is worth zero points.


— The single-elimination bracket will feature best-of-five matches

Прогнозы на 2019 Brazilian Challenger Circuit Winter (BRCC)

Прогнозов пока нет... 😔