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@myrtlegail 1 293 4 1 час назад

Photoshoot for @previewph using @meiyaph 💖 ✨✨✨✨ In Collaboration with @the_accgiveaway 🤍ROUND 10 NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY 🤍 ✨Get a chance to WIN✨ ✅50 Inch Full High Definition Smart TV or ✅14 Inch Full High Definition Ultrabook Intel LAPTOP or ✅10,000 Php Cash [Choose Your Prize] 📍CONSOLATION PRIZES📍 1 Winner of Recording Set (Mic Condenser + Soundcard) 1 Winner of Vlogging Set (26 cm Ringlight + Tripod) 2 Winners of Airpods Wireless Earphones 1 Winner of 3 Adidas Shorts 1 Winner of Beauty Products 4 Winners of LightRoom Presets 10 Winners of Netflix Subscription 5 Winners of Spotify Subscription ‼️Total of 25 Winners of Consolation Prizes😱 HOW TO WIN? Visit @the_accgiveaway and Check their ROUND 10 GIVEAWAY "MAIN POST". 🔹Read and Follow their Mechanics 😊 🔹Follow ALL ACCOUNTS @the_accgiveaway is Following. Goodluck 😊 #TheAccGiveaway 🇵🇭

@kinpatsucosplay 6 395 24 сегодня в 03:14

Ears ears and more ears!!🐱 Eric and I have been working hard on a new book all about how to make ears and tails for cosplay and costumes! These are some of the ears I've been busy with for the book! I'm making a set of no sew wolf ears and some cut cat ears! These still need to be fully painted but I think they are looking really cute so far! And you probably recognise the pink spirit blossom Ahri ears which we will also be including in the book! We wil let you know when we have a release date that it will be available but it will hopefully be soon 😁 #cosplay #cosplayears #ears #animalears #foxears #wolfears #catears #ahricosplay #crafting

@jennalynnmeowri 56 402 287 11 часов назад

up to no good 😎🍒 . . . live on twitch in 5

@vampybitme 5 869 117 сегодня в 01:51

🔥Elektra🔥 New image by Photo/Art Direction: @patloika Post-Production:Ghani Madueno Inspired by the art of Greg Horn Cosplay made by Vampy Photography studio @ocwonderlandstudios #daredevil #marvel #comics

@rolyatistaylor 49 998 373 сегодня в 01:28

Am I late to post what would have been my New Years dress if it wasn’t a pandemic and if I ever actually went anywhere super fancy... ✨ Posting this set on my p4tr30n 💜 📷: @spideyluc

@jannetincosplay 18 621 192 сегодня в 00:35

As I noticed, not too many people play or cosplay Overwatch anymore now 😶 What happened there? Do you still play it? Is there something new? 🤔☺️ #overwatch #widowmaker

@yayahan 11 508 99 вчера в 21:09

Of course I have to share my Scarlet Witch cosplays in honor of WandaVision! I made Classic Wanda back in 2011 if I remember correctly, and I wore it to many conventions because I liked the costume and the character so much. Then, when Wanda got her own comic series The New Scarlet Witch, I was excited to make her modernized outfit for the Marvel Cosplay Cover project. The bejeweled headpiece was the most fun part of making that costume. I’ve always been drawn to Wanda and her origin/powers and role in the Marvel universe, so it’s a pleasure to see her story continue with Vision. I’m into the new show so far and very curious where they will go with this! What do you think? Have you watched #WandaVision yet? #scarletwitch #scarletwitchcosplay #wandamaximoff #wandamaximoffcosplay #marvel #marvelcosplay #comiccosplay #marvelcosplaycovers

@win-winry 2 645 44 вчера в 21:20

Хей! Не знаю как вам, а мне зима уже надоела ❄ Скорее бы теплое и солнечное лето!🌸🌸🌸 #soniapokemon #soniaanime #soniapokemoncosplay #pokemoncosplay #pokemonmaster #pokemoncommunity #pokemongo #pokemoncollector #pokemontrainer #animecosplay #animelife

@zoevolf 3 091 45 вчера в 19:42

What can you see in my eyes?✨😈 📷 Photo by @rozzylis #cosplay #cosplaygirls #mileena #mortalkombat #mortalkombatcosplay #mileenacosplay #mkcosplay #cosplayofinstagram

@sladkoslava 17 421 110 вчера в 20:45

💥WE ARE BAD GUYS. IT'S WHAT WE DO.💣 1 or 2 pic? Soon I will reveal new Harley cosplay 😉 Could you guess which version? Keep on watching 💓 ❤️ Photos by @kristy_che_ #cosplay #cosplaygirl #suicidesquad #harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #dccosplay #geek #geekgirl #cosplaytransformation #makeuptransformation #косплей #харликвинн #отрядсамоубийц

@shirogane-sama 24 908 79 вчера в 18:58

Time to remember my awesome Motoko Kusanagi photoshoot by @justmoolti 💜 I’m sure u need more cyberpunk aesthetic vibes on your feed 😉 Wig by @holish_cosplay ____________ Время вспомнить этот невероятный фотосет Мотоко 💜 Уверена, вам нужно больше эстетики киберпанку в ленте 😉 #motoko #motokokusanagi #ghostintheshell #ghostintheshellcosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #攻殻機動隊 #コスプレ #草薙素子

@oichichan 11 632 125 вчера в 20:40

Check out a fresh look at the magical Spirit Blossom Ahri from League of Legends! 🌸 Honestly, the Spirit Blossom Event skins are such an incredibly nice and sweet! Traditional Asian clothing will always find a place in my heart, and I just couldn't get past my beloved girl Ahri! ^^ Want to see more photos? Check out my Раtrеоn, grab a Tier II+ sub and you'll get access to three photosets of the month and bonus backstages as early as the first week of February! And special thanks to @uwowo_cosplay for collaborating with me, providing the costume details and making this set possible! Please check them out for a great cosplay stuff! 💖 🌸 YOU CAN FIND MY PATREON ON MY WEBSITE IN BIO 🌸 Do you like the Spirit Blossom Skins? Which one is your favorite? 👀 -------- Взгляните на свежий кадр с волшебной Ари из League of Legends в облике Дух Цветения! 🌸 Если честно, скины Праздника Цветения — невероятно приятная и нежная серия скинов! Традиционные одежды Азии всегда найдут место в моем сердечке, и я просто ну не могла пройти мимо моей любимой Ари! ^^ Хотите увидеть больше? Тогда переходите на мой Раtrеоn, оформляйте подписку II+ уровня, и уже в первой неделе февраля вы получите доступ к трем фотосетам месяца и бонусным бэкстейджам! Отдельное спасибо косплей-магазину @uwowo_cosplay за предоставленные детали костюма! 💖 🌸 ССЫЛОЧКА НА РАTRЕОN — НА МОЕМ САЙТЕ В БИО! 🌸 А нравятся ли вам облики Праздника Цветения? Какой из них у вас самый любимый? Photo by @haji_steppe

@ladalyumos 3 824 8 вчера в 20:42

Meanwhile, first hot photo from this set is already waiting you at my P🅰treon Friendly remind, that Bonus set "Innocent Youth" is FULLY available from "My Alchemist" tier and above Subscribe, watch all exclusive content and receive your rewards Link in bio and in hightlights Md: @ladalyumos and @mary_mcmuller Ph: @kmitenkova #redhair #dress #red #girl #art #beauty #photoshoot #model #photomodel #fashion

@irine-meier 37 516 213 вчера в 19:05

MY COSPLAY PLANS FOR 2021 ✨ Unfortunately 2020 was not really filled with cosplay on my side, but I have a lot of inspiration and ideas for 2021! Here is the list of some of the cosplay I'm working on (or planning to finish this year) 😉: 1) Jessie from Pokémon 2) Yennefer alternative outfit from The Witcher 3 (I have this costume for years, but never made a satisfying photoshoot) 3) Princess Fiona from Shrek (oh yeeeeeah, many of you asked) 😂 4) Akali from KDA 5) Black Widow from the new movie I think these ones will come first 🤔 Which one is the most exciting for you? Or maybe you want to suggest something else? Write the name of the character in comments and I may create the one with most likes 😉 P.S. Many of you requested a reprint of Aela the Huntress photobook. I am happy to announce that I'm currently working on it. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement in the near future ♥️ #games #aela #aelathehuntress #TESV #skyrim #redhead #cosplay

@disharmonica 12 798 81 вчера в 20:14

Have you played Genshin Impact? And who's your favorite character? Just 2 weeks left to get my Lisa P🅰️tre🅾️n exclsuive set! Only in January! Lℹ️nk ℹ️n 🅱️ℹ️🅾️~

@myrtlegail 9 392 69 вчера в 11:55

Staying hydrated with @hydr8tumblers. 💖 ✨✨✨✨ I’ve partnered with @glamgiveawaysph for a P30,000 Cash or iPhone 12 mini Round 9 Giveaway! (Choose your prize!) 💛 How to join? 1️⃣Follow @glamgiveawaysph and @glamgiveawaysph2 2️⃣Follow 𝗔𝗟𝗟 𝗔𝗖𝗖𝗢𝗨𝗡𝗧𝗦 @glamgiveawaysph is following 3️⃣Comment and tag your friends in @glamgiveawaysph's main giveaway post. *Make sure to tag (1) friend per comment. (More comment, more chances of winning!) ⚠️ Reminders 1.) Make sure your account is PUBLIC. No ghost, inactive, fake accounts is allowed. 2.) Unfollowers will be banned from joining our future giveaways. Giveaway ends on February 1, 2021 (12nn). Winner will be announce via IG live same day. For collaborations, send @glamgiveawaysph a message. #glamgiveawaysph

@alysontabbitha 81 316 488 вчера в 03:38

I love dressing up so much, my Wonder Woman Cosplay is definitely one of my favorites! ❤️✨ I decided to post a happy pic, (alwyas have a great time shooting with @DavidLovePhotog ) I've been feeling pretty down lately. I'm very grateful for what I have. But also missing conventions, missing all my friends, missing the world, meeting new people, doing new things. Watching months pass so quickly while feeling so stagnant is getting to be a lot to process. I'm trying to just absorb myself in projects & work but my motivation dwindles sometimes. I'm sure many of you are feeling similar ways! Let me know something that makes you happy? I want to share your joy! For me it is definitely my furbabies! Or that feeling I get when I make something I'm really proud of!

@rolyatistaylor 69 968 453 вчера в 01:46

Hey, I know what. Look I'll trade ya. You let me have your Dragon Ball, and I'll let you look at my butt 👉🏻👈🏻 Posting this set to p4tr30n for this month only 💙 📷: @spideyluc

@kikobakaa 8 740 52 вчера в 00:50

what about cupcakes?

@jannetincosplay 23 238 217 вчера в 01:18

Thinking about one more project with Helen :) What do you think? 🤔 At my @dalifotostudio Photo @photo_makar