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Описание: We are a community-driven channel, originally created to provide a place for everyone to enjoy free, unrestricted aviation content. We are two lads, local to Manchester Airport and we base our content around our local airport. Starting the channel in 2017, we created a well-loved live broadcast, which featured on our channel once a week. 2 years down the line, we've grown to progress towards creative and engaging video content, which gives our viewers a cinematic and 'pro-production' feel to the video content we produce. With a huge selection of companies and traffic, Manchester Airport lends itself to content like ours. Manchester is widely recognized as the best viewing airport in the country, and we do our best to bring you the best views week in, week out. With our viewer's support, we're able to continue to grow. To reward the viewers who choose to support the channel, we offer exclusive VIP giveaways every month.

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