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Описание: Hello friends, welcome to my BALTA channel! Enjoy watching my GTA 5 videos and other games every day and subscribe to my channel! How I make my videos: I play GTA 5, create different scenes with game mods and make maps for each new video. I shoot my videos about GTA 5 using the game itself, commenting on the game. Other games I shoot with OBS. Then I transfer this material to the adobe premier pro program, where I put music and effects and process it myself. I create a preview by taking a screenshot of the GTA 5 game itself. Later I edit these screenshots using Photoshop and create my preview . All materials used on my channel are 100% recorded and belong to me. Every video on my channel is recorded and edited by me (WITHOUT REPEATED CONTENT). Все видео, которые вы найдете на этом канале, записаны и отредактированы лично мною!

Страна: Россия

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Последний стрим: 1 месяц назад [15 июня 2021 06:16] (Spiderman and Motorcycles Parkour in air challenge over Spider Man Bridge - Gta 5 stream)

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