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Описание: I PLAY ROBLOX FOOTBALL FUSION ITS REALLY ME ZNYC The Official Channel of ✪Lowkey x✪ 4D0P13 🎮PSN:LowkeyxYT,MyLowkeyAccount,,TheBanditLowkey✪ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💎Instagram:LowkeyxOfficial ------------------------------------------ 🔥LOWX🔥 ✪Aye itsLowkey x,thanks for visiting my channel I have a lot of content including GTA Tryhard videos, Rockstar editor videos, Fortnite Montages and more....! I am not the best player so if I take an L it happens lol few things to know about me I'm a person of humor so I always joke so if you get offended do not become friends with me lol but I don't snipe I suck at sniping I only do ARS and city no sniping ill probably update this description later✪ kik:LowkeyAccountx 1-0 me I will not care If I say no to a 1v1 I'm totally terrified of you .-. I dont do beach

Страна: США

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Последний стрим: 2 недели назад [20 июля 2021 01:30] (*GTA DLC COUNTDOWN* Los Santos Tuners! TIMER! GTA ONLINE!)

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