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Описание: Hi, i'm Razer aka Sanjay Tanwar, your fellow Indian content creator from haryana. You can find quality games, content, Vlogs, tutorials analysis/reviews on my channel. My goal is to be one of the best and showcase prime caliber streaming atmosphere where I can hope to represent India internationally through my streams, Gameplay and solitary performance. I stream regularly and upload highlights often, hope you enjoy them! Contact me on Instagram or email me for any business queries. Thanks for stopping by! subscribe for more awesome content :-) razerbladebusiness@gmail.com

Страна: Индия

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Последний стрим: 3 месяца назад [30 марта 2021 08:47] (Road To Top 10 Conqueror with Longshot #12 | Road to Top 10 On Leaderboard | Pubg Mobile live !rank)

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