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Описание: Welcome to TagBackTV! Expect Daily Gaming Videos, Tips & Tricks, and Live Streams For newly released games. Some Games we currently play include Animal Crossing New Horizons, Red Dead Redemption 2, Pokemon and many more to come! Stream Schedule: Every Day at 1PM-3PM EST AND 5PM-7PM EST Members Only Game Nights: Thursdays @8PM EST Get your Apex Gaming TabackTV PC Here - https://apexgamingpcs.com/pages/tagbacktv Computer Setup: Mic: SM7B DAC: Audient iD14 Recording Sofware: OBS Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects and Audition S2P6T1

Страна: США

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Последний стрим: 2 часа назад [29 июля 2021 21:36] (New Animal Crossing Update & Villager Hunting!)

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