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Описание: The Dark Somnium: I am a Creepypasta Narrator, Composer, Sound Designer and Graphic Designer. I narrate Horror Stories, Nosleep Stories too! I compose Original theme music for the stories I read, you can hear the music on my channel or on spotify, itunes and more. MY CHANNEL IS NOT LIMITED TO HORROR, I love making all kinds of content, my favorite thing to do is narrate stories so that will probably always be the main focus of my channel. but, I may also do lets plays, funny videos, or whatever else i want to. We call the Subscribers and members of the community, The Dark Family, this is because you guys mean so much more to me than just a number. I hope on some level, you can consider me your friend. With all that out of the way, Welcome.....To The Dark Somnium ......."Somnium" is latin for "Dream"

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