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Турнир 2019 Elite Championship Series Summer (ECS) / LoL

Общий приз

$ 15 850

2019 Elite Championship Series Summer


Дата проведения

03.06.2019 - 13.08.2019


12.08.2019 - 13.08.2019



Обзщий приз

$ 15 850

1 место


J Team 2

2 место



3 место


F-Soul Esports

О турнире 2019 Elite Championship Series Summer (ECS)

The ECS is the second tier of competition in the TW/HK/Macao region in League of Legends esports. ECS  functions as a qualifier for the LMS, as the top two of this season of ECS, will go against the bottom two teams of the LMS in the LMS promotion tournament to fight to gain entry to the top league, the LMS.

The league features a 9 week long regular season with the top four in the standings moving on to playoffs where they will battle for a spot in the LMS promotion tournament.

The league is played online and has a total prize pool of NT$500,000.

Regular Season

The regular season is a double round robin with best-of-two matches.

Top four moves on to playoffs.

5th and 6th place team are invited to the next season of ECS

Bottom two teams move down to the promotions.


Single Elimination bracket with Best-of-five matches.

Top two moves on to the LMS Promotion tournament.

Прогнозы на 2019 Elite Championship Series Summer (ECS)

Прогнозов пока нет... 😔