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Акали - персонаж-убийца из игры Лига Легенд

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All my League of Legends cosplays! I guess I need... 44 10 месяцев назад
Thank you so much for all your love for my... 198 1 год назад
«There are over 300 pressure points on the human body.... 68 1 год назад
~ I am my own master. Just the way I... 53 1 год назад
Would you buy ticket to my show? 🎤Well, I’m having... 246 2 года назад
💙This heart is for you! 💙#kdacosplay #kdaakali #kdaahri #kdaevelynn #kdakaisa ... 72 2 года назад
Can you play any musical instruments? Interesting fact you maybe... 164 2 года назад
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