Косплей Микаса

Микаса Аккерман - одна из главных героев японской манги Атака Титанов

Свежий косплей Микаса

🎶 Sasageyo Time 🎶🎄 Just a reminder that Christmas is... 28 2 месяца назад
Do you have something that is very important for you... 74 1 год назад
Do you like the view?💋You can get more, cause Mikasa... 113 1 год назад
Will you join the Survey corps? I would really happy... 116 1 год назад
To stop the titans I recommend placing giant lego blocks... 75 2 года назад
It’s last day of spring? Really? Well, are u waiting... 71 2 года назад
Who is your fav Shingeki no kyojin character 👀Last 4️⃣... 141 2 года назад
Well this scarf is really comfort and useful, isn’t it?... 143 2 года назад
What’s motivate you to do sport?💪Want exercise with me? Mikasa... 49 2 года назад
How is your weekend going?❤️Btw, I don’t know what to... 93 2 года назад
I think that harness belt looks cool only on crop... 103 2 года назад
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