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NieR: Automata это компьютерная игра в жанре Action/RPG от японских разработчиков

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Do you prefer day or night and why? 🤍If you... 71 3 дня назад
If you’ve became an android for one day, what would... 61 4 дня назад
Which crossover is your favourite? 😎❤️Mercy Automata or Cyber Mercy?)Anyway,... 39 4 дня назад
Would you like to be an android? To be honest,... 67 1 неделю назад
What’s your current fav song? I would like to add... 101 1 неделю назад
If you were a character in NierAutomata, what weapon would... 65 1 неделю назад
2b is a powerful android, but she looks like a... 91 2 недели назад
Fierce android waifu 💥It’s going to be the month of... 54 2 недели назад
I think 2b is unique character because each outfit suits... 106 2 недели назад
A2 is here to protect you from the machines⚙️Btw, have... 96 2 недели назад
This heat is... Inhumane, let me just say that. Feeling... 114 1 месяц назад
I consider 2B my waifu since the game came out,... 161 1 месяц назад
how do you think what’s my next cosplay?👀📷: @akunohako #2b... 115 1 месяц назад
Last chance to pick up the treats on Patre🌸n! Doing... 291 1 месяц назад
My patreon page is 1 year old already! ♡♡♡I'm so... 122 2 месяца назад
"You're just thinking about how much you want to ****... 262 2 месяца назад
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