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Турнир 2018 North American LoL Championship Series Summer / LoL

Общий приз

$ 100 000

2018 North American LoL Championship Series Summer


Дата проведения

16.06.18 - 17.09.18

Regional Finals, Сетка

15.09.18 - 17.09.18



Обзщий приз


1 место

$ 50 000


2 место

$ 25 000

Team SoloMid

3 место

$ 15 000

Echo Fox

О турнире 2018 North American LoL Championship Series Summer

The North American League of Legends Championship Series is the premier season of the North American region, and it hosts some of the most recognized brands within western esports. As usual the summer split is the last split before worlds, the winner of the Playoffs and the team that has gained the most circuit points throughout the 2018 Season will qualify for worlds directly, if the winner of the playoffs also has the most circuit points, then the team with the second most points will qualify.

The Summer season is split up into three, the first one is the regular season, the main body of the season where all the teams play in a double round robin.

After the regular season comes playoffs, the top six teams of the regular season will participate, with the second and first place team seeded into the semi finals and the other four into round one, after the first round is complete the winning teams of round one will be seeded into the semi finals, the lowest seed of the regular season out of the two of them will face off against the regular split winner in the semi finals.

The fourth and final stage is the regional finals, this is where the third and final seed for worlds will be claimed. The teams that play in the regional finals is the teams that has the most circuit points out of the ones not already qualified for worlds.

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