Rift Rivals is a international tournament that is split up into five different tournaments. The Rift Rivals is a response for the community's want for more international events yet its not as grandiose and taxing on the players as MSI and Worlds since it is only close by regions that will be competing among each other.

The LLN vs CBLOL vs CLS Rift Rival of last year made us take the LLN and CLS more seriously as all of the regions were playing closely although the general consensus is that the CBLOL is the strongest region in Latin America. This year it time for the CBLOL to distance themselves from their neighboring regions, showing that they are the best and for the LLN and CLS to show the world that last year was no fluke, and that the Latin American region as a whole is able to compete with the rest of the world.

The tournament is starting on the 3rd of July in Brazil.