The UK League Championship Summer is a tournament organized by the LVP and it is the national league of the United Kingdom. The league features nine teams that are all franchised to the league.

Diverting from the standard league format the UKLC will feature a regular season of seven single elimination brackets called "Towers"  and the Towers will be played out over a week each. The winner of teach Tower will be crowned Tower Champion and the team will be playing the winner of the next Tower. If the Tower Champion wins the series there will be a rematch at the start of the next week.

Regular Season

7 Weeks of Towers, each being played during a week.

Single elimination brackets.

All matches are best-of-one.

The final is followed by a series between the current week's winner and the previous week's winner.

If the previous week's winner wins again, a rematch will be played at the start of the next week and the winner of that series will be the Tower Champion for the next week.

Teams receive points based on how they placed during each tower.

Top four point earners proceed to the playoffs.


Playoffs information is yet to be announced.