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@mk-ays 16 310 154 2 часа назад

I’m sooooo happy that you liked my little cosplay test of Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan!⭐️ so I decided to make one more post with typical and not typical Annie, hope you like it❤️⚔️ p.s. sooo... next Historia?😉 . Ребят! Я нереально счастлива что вам понравился мой маленький косплей тест на Эни Леохарт из Атаки Титанов!⭐️ это сподвигло меня сделать ещё один пост с типичной и нетипичной Эни и очень надеюсь, что вам понравится❤️⚔️ п.с. итак... дальше Хистория?😉 . #attackontitan #attackontitancosplay #shingekinokyojin #shingekinokyojincosplay #annieleonhardt #annieleonhardtcosplay #aot #aotcosplay #aotannie

@kalinkafox 3 531 33 30 минут назад

I must obey anyone who binds me with my own magic lasso!🥵 Helpless Amazon Princess is waiting for you on p^tre0n in January 🔥 Why do you love Wonder Woman? Write in comments please❤️ for me - she is so badass 💥 she choose to leave Themyscira and to save others✊ She could choose to live in paradise forever, immortal and demigod. If Batman's parents weren't killed, would he become superhero?🤨 Superman wouldn'tbbe saving people on earth if his father didn't shoot him into the starts🤕 So what is your favourite superhero now? 😈😈😈 #wonderwoman #wonderwoman1984 #wonderwomancosplay #cosplay #dccomics #wonderwomanmovie #comics

@danielledenicola 3 139 62 48 минут назад

HAPPY NEW AOT DAY 🎉🥳 hoping to see my wife soon 👀 (I took these pics for next month, but I'm too excited to not post at least one) 📷 @davidlovephotog

@ladalyumos 2 736 15 4 часа назад

Let's talk abt broken dreams 💔 When I was a student, I wished to live in St.Petersburg and learn theatre dresser's works. But my artworks weren't good enough for those teachers I was afraid that I couldn't afford to study and live in another town. I stayed in my native town. I'm happy that I stayed. I was studying for a designer and worked as a seamstress to earn money and to move to Moskow. Some days I believed that I would never do something but forever orders at workshops. 😱 BUT! My Ptreon became bigger and I could work with my own projects with all my heart and passion. It's incredible!✨ At the end of my story, I wish to tell you something. If all things are going wrong in your life, it may be a good start for something! Maybe life is going to gift you something wonderful and special! Be strong, my friends. All will be ok, I believe <3 Model: @ladalyumos Photo: @kmitenkova #tifalockhart #squareenix #squareenixcosplay #finalfantasy #finalfantasycosplay #finalfantasyvii #finalfantasyviicosplay #ffvii #ffviicosplay #finalfantasy7 #tifa #tifacosplay #tifalockhart #cosplaygirl #cosplaymodel #cosplayer #Cosplay #コスプレ

@kinpatsucosplay 10 517 27 4 часа назад

We are so glad you guys found the new boot cover tutorial video helpful!! :3 We used a very simple example to show how to make them, but this same the technique can be used to make all kinds of interesting boots and stockings! Just add more layers and embellishments!😁 I've used it for all my boot covers for the last couple of years and it's super easy and simple to do and gives really cool results! :3 If you haven't seen our new video yet check it out on our channel! #cosplay #cosplayshoes #cosplaytutorial #costume #costumemaking #shoes #crafting #sewing

@myrtlegail 4 069 19 11 часов назад

Give your best smile. 😃 Together with @gaocdental, @drstevemarkgan and the newly launched @gaocclinicals. 😁

@jennalynnmeowri 43 778 217 вчера в 00:13

hello cuties 👋🏻

@jannetincosplay 15 552 139 вчера в 00:10

What do you think we can expect in Overwatch 2?! Was playing first one and appreciate the design of the characters but still need some more love from developers in this game 🤔 All my widow you can get at [email protected]/jannet 🎁 #widowmaker #overwatch

@kalinkafox 29 810 109 16.01.21 в 22:11

Just because it’s taken you 𝗧𝗛𝗥𝗘𝗘 𝗬𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗦 to notice, Ron, doesn't mean no one else has spotted I'm a girl!😈 Hermione exclusive pictures on my OF page right now! I will send extra set to my fans tomorrow! Don't miss 🔥 check the link on my page 🎉 Do you love Harry Potter as much as me? I've been a huge fan since childhood ❤️ in the summer camp I pasted over the entire wall with Harry Potter posters! Children, of course, laughed at me🙃 but I was crazy. Few years ago I made a Newt Scamander tattoo on my leg 🤡 because more than Harry Potter I love animals and donate money every week to help animals in need🐶🐱❤️ #hermione #hermionegranger #harrypottercosplay #hermionecosplay #emmawatson #hogwarts #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram

@amouranth 132 890 1 258 16.01.21 в 21:32

Pick the best one and don’t miss my new stories!

@yayahan 12 173 75 16.01.21 в 19:40

Throwback to one of my past pattern designs for the @mccallpatterncompany! I went for a fantasy theme with garment elements that could easily be altered for a variety of costumes. I especially love short boleros with giant sleeves, and in fact wanted these sleeves to be even bigger but they wouldn’t have fit in the pattern envelope 😆. This is M7765 if you want to try it out. #cosplaypatterns #mccall #yayahanpattern #fantasypattern #fantasycosplay #fantasycostume

@oichichan 12 303 245 16.01.21 в 20:38

«Even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path» ❄ Fd: The Legend of Korra // Korra Md: Me Ph: @fokken__greed -------- «Даже если мы должны учиться у тех, кто пришел до нас, мы также должны строить свой собственный путь» ❄ Ph by @fokken__greed

@ladalyumos 3 701 12 16.01.21 в 19:55

Hey, wanna see this girl in action? 😎 This month we'll show you Tracer video cosplay Spoiler: I'm smiling, having fun and making pew-pew with Tracer's guns in this video 😄 Patrons have already seen the teaser Tracer by @ladalyumos Photo by @kmitenkova #tracer #Tracercosplay #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #overwatchTracer #Traceroverwatch #gamecosplay #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayart #cosplayuniverssal #cosplaylife

@disharmonica 14 920 123 16.01.21 в 20:46

DC or Marvel? 🤔 Just 2 weeks left to get my Harley Quinn Set of the Month digitally in the best quality on P🅰️tre🅾️n. Prints and photo book will be on my Et🤔sy soon. Lℹ️nk ℹ️n 🅱️ℹ️🅾️~

@shirogane-sama 40 726 107 16.01.21 в 17:56

Can’t stop posting photos in this the sweetest outfit ❤️So adorable 💦 More than 20 exclusive HD pics and some extra hi-res wallpapers of Raphtalia are the part of my January rewards - https://www.patreon.com/shiroganesama (link in bio) 😉 Extra huge selfie and video packs I’ll post on my OF page https://onlyfans.com/shirogane-sama (link in Highlights) 💓 Costume was designed by me and sewn by @someonefromrussia ✨ Wig by me as @holish_cosplay ❤️ Ears and tail by @cheshiretoys 🔥 __________ Не могу перестать постить фотули в этом супер-милом костюме ❤️ Такая молота 💦 Напоминаю, что более 20 эксклюзивных HD фото, а также полноразмерные обои (штоб красивенько на заставку компа/телефона 😉) с моей Рафталией - часть январских Патреон-наград 👀 Ссылочка в био ;3 А для любителей больших селфи-паков и видео, конечно же, больше подойдёт Онлифанс ✨ Тоже скоро планирую заливать туда контент с Рафталия 😉 Ссылка в Актуальных 💓 #raphtalia #raphtaliacosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #therisingoftheshieldhero #therisingoftheshieldherocosplay #盾の勇者の成り上がり #ラフタリア #アニメ #コスプレ

@myrtlegail 5 542 25 16.01.21 в 13:50

Photoshoot for @previewph using @meiyaph 💖 ✨✨✨✨ In Collaboration with @the_accgiveaway 🤍ROUND 10 NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY 🤍 ✨Get a chance to WIN✨ ✅50 Inch Full High Definition Smart TV or ✅14 Inch Full High Definition Ultrabook Intel LAPTOP or ✅10,000 Php Cash [Choose Your Prize] 📍CONSOLATION PRIZES📍 1 Winner of Recording Set (Mic Condenser + Soundcard) 1 Winner of Vlogging Set (26 cm Ringlight + Tripod) 2 Winners of Airpods Wireless Earphones 1 Winner of 3 Adidas Shorts 1 Winner of Beauty Products 4 Winners of LightRoom Presets 10 Winners of Netflix Subscription 5 Winners of Spotify Subscription ‼️Total of 25 Winners of Consolation Prizes😱 HOW TO WIN? Visit @the_accgiveaway and Check their ROUND 10 GIVEAWAY "MAIN POST". 🔹Read and Follow their Mechanics 😊 🔹Follow ALL ACCOUNTS @the_accgiveaway is Following. Goodluck 😊 #TheAccGiveaway 🇵🇭

@kinpatsucosplay 8 860 35 16.01.21 в 03:14

Ears ears and more ears!!🐱 Eric and I have been working hard on a new book all about how to make ears and tails for cosplay and costumes! These are some of the ears I've been busy with for the book! I'm making a set of no sew wolf ears and some cut cat ears! These still need to be fully painted but I think they are looking really cute so far! And you probably recognise the pink spirit blossom Ahri ears which we will also be including in the book! We wil let you know when we have a release date that it will be available but it will hopefully be soon 😁 #cosplay #cosplayears #ears #animalears #foxears #wolfears #catears #ahricosplay #crafting

@jennalynnmeowri 72 954 344 16.01.21 в 03:58

up to no good 😎🍒 . . . live on twitch in 5

@vampybitme 6 985 128 16.01.21 в 01:51

🔥Elektra🔥 New image by Photo/Art Direction: @patloika Post-Production:Ghani Madueno Inspired by the art of Greg Horn Cosplay made by Vampy Photography studio @ocwonderlandstudios #daredevil #marvel #comics

@rolyatistaylor 59 418 420 16.01.21 в 01:28

Am I late to post what would have been my New Years dress if it wasn’t a pandemic and if I ever actually went anywhere super fancy... ✨ Posting this set on my p4tr30n 💜 📷: @spideyluc