The Demacia Cup is the domestic tournament in China, the tournament features team from both the LPL and the LDL. This gives the LDL teams a chance to step up on the big stage and perhaps upset some LPL teams taking the tournament lightly.

The Tournament has been undergoing quite a few Re-imaginations as it was first held as a end-of-season cup just like the KesPA Cup in South Korea. As of the newest format change for the Demacia Cup, the cup will be held in both the winter and the summer just like last year but the change that has happened since then is that the amount of teams has been heavily reduced from almost thirty all the way down to eight.

The teams participating in the Demacia Cup is the top teams from the previous season, the Top 3 from the east and west regions of the LPL respectively and the top two teams from the LDL playoffs.

While the tournament has been announced to be played offline the venue is yet to be announced.